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Lemonade Stand

Like many kids growing up, setting up a lemonade stand in the summertime was my first exposure to entrepreneurship. My brothers and I would unpackage the frozen canned concentrate, stir it into a pitcher of water, and sell it for 25 cents per cup to whoever drove by (of course, we only sold half the pitcher and drank the rest). What a time to be alive! Fast forward to 2019, launching a business isn’t as easy as setting up a lemonade stand - but the excitement is all the same.

Over the winter, I spent a lot of time connecting with friends and professional contacts over coffees and the occasional microbrew (both of which Portland does quite well at, by the way!). I wanted to learn about their experiences with money and where they often ran into difficulty. In one particular case, I met up with a friend for happy hour. He and his wife are early career professionals in the medical community. They are making good money but are beginning to run into increasingly difficult questions about what to do with it:

  • Should we continue renting or should we buy a home?

  • Should we aggressively pay off our student loans or consider loan forgiveness options?

  • How do we responsibly save for retirement while enjoying our journey along the way?

What if I could set up a ‘lemonade stand’ around the needs of my peers, to address these very questions and more? To be a coach and to partner with them at life’s various transitions? To understand what brings value and joy to their lives and provide real and relevant financial advice and solutions?

I couldn’t be more passionate and excited about my new venture, the people that I have the honor of working with, and the opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives!

Feel free to connect with me over a virtual coffee  to chat about your upcoming adventures, the latest book or podcast that you’ve been hooked on, or simply to say ‘hello’.

Onward and Upward -

Kyle Goulard, CFP®

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