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Escaping the Heat

The Great World Around Us

Sports are so much more than activity and movement. They develop self-esteem, resilience, and friendships, among so many other benefits. That is why I was pleased to see Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the biggest companies in the industry, dedicate resources to give 1 million children access to play sports who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. Here’s a great write up of their commitment.


Consumer privacy activists can now breathe a bit easier. This week, credit reporting company Equifax agreed to pay nearly $700 million to settle federal and state investigations related to its infamous data breach in July 2017 that affected close to 150 million people. That’s nearly HALF of the US population.

Is everyone happy with the outcome? Many lawmakers don’t see the settlement as adequate and claim that without comprehensive data privacy and security laws, companies like Equifax can’t be held appropriately accountable in the future. An example of the lack of oversight can be seen in the staffing at the Federal Trade Commission - 40 full-time employees are dedicated to overseeing internet privacy and data security, as compared to their counterparts in the United Kingdom who house 500 employees.

The conversation of consumer privacy is far from over and goes far beyond the credit bureaus. Keep an eye on this topic in the months and years to come. In the meantime, take 5 minutes to check your eligibility to take part in the Equifax settlement claims process here: https://www.equifaxbreachsettlement.com/

Life -

In a recent escape from the summer heat, I took a visit to Portland’s Japanese Garden. Designed in 1963, the garden is tucked into the hillside overlooking downtown Portland and recently underwent a $33.5 million remodel with the support of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, his first US Commission.

The garden “encompasses 12 acres with eight separate garden styles, and includes an authentic Japanese Tea House, meandering streams, intimate walkways, and a spectacular view of Mt. Hood.”Next time you need to take a deep breath, I recommend taking a break from life and immersing yourself in the greenery and calm of Portland’s Japanese Garden. For those not local to Portland, worry not - there are photos and virtual tours available on their website to give you a glimpse into the magic.

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